VSP Leadership Re-emphasizes Intent for Eyeconic

By Daniel L. Mannen, OD, FAAO January 29, 2013
The following post is an open letter from Stuart Thomas, OD, Chairman of the VSP Global Board of Directors, and Rob Lynch, President and CEO of VSP Global.

We appreciate the blog posted January 28 by the AOA entitled Critics say VSP's online dispensary will push patients toward Internet and saw it as an opportunity to re-emphasize our intent for Eyeconic.

First and foremost, preserving private practice and the doctor-patient relationship is our number one priority as we develop Eyeconic.

To this end, we are in the initial phases of testing what we feel will be a game changer in the online purchasing of prescription glasses and further differentiate VSP providers.

As an organization founded and governed by independent optometrists, our online solution ensures that not a single pair of prescription glasses is provided to a patient without the oversight and involvement of a VSP doctor.

And while we know the online optical market is here to stay and we cannot prevent other companies from bypassing the doctor, we can be a strong advocate to help change this practice and ensure patients get the best care from their doctor.

In the development of Eyeconic, we worked closely with doctors to create a different model for purchasing eyeglasses over the internet, a model based on five components:

  1. We do not sell glasses with prescriptions exceeding + or – 4.50. This helps us ensure that the challenges posed by more significant prescriptions are not passed on to our patients.

  2. We never confirm an order until we get positive confirmation from the prescribing doctor. Many state laws permit passive confirmation which allows an online retailer to ship glasses if they have tried to contact the doctor, even if they have not gotten a response.

  3. All of our glasses are verified and inspected by licensed opticians before they are sent to the doctor’s office for patient pick-up.

  4. All our glasses are sent direct to the doctor for final inspection, verification and dispensing. Like with all their patients, it is at this point that the doctor and their staff provide the final validation that the glasses are appropriate for this patient. If there are any issues with the glasses, they can be returned to us at no cost to the doctor or the patient.

  5. Doctors get paid for any online purchases their patient makes, including the usual lens and frame dispensing fee when a VSP vision care benefit is used.


The doctor and their staff are always the final decision makers of whether a pair of prescription glasses is appropriate for a patient or not. With Eyeconic, we ensure that this continues to be the case even with online purchases.

We felt the time had come to pioneer a new model, one that meets the demands of the market and allows VSP to continue driving patients to VSP providers, all while putting the doctor at the center.


Stuart Thomas, OD
Chairman, VSP Global Board of Directors

Rob Lynch
President and CEO, VSP Global

***Update, April 2015***
To meet evolving consumer demands, improvements are continually being made to the eyeconic.com shopping experience. For consumers who wish to shop online, we want to offer the choice and convenience they expect from an online store as well as the confidence that they’re supported by the expert service and care of a VSP network provider. Please feel free to call 1-855-393-2664 or email info@eyeconic.com for more information about these changes.  



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