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Dr. Chinn

Staying Connected When It Matters Most

By Jennifer Chinn, OD | May 07, 2020
Like many of you these days, who have yet to reopen for routine care, I miss seeing patients and being able to help them. It’s tough when patients call or text me that their vision has changed a bit and they need an eye exam, and I have to turn them down. I’m so excited to get back to that ...
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A Vision of Hope for Optometry

By Michael Bacigalupi, OD, MS, FAAO | March 09, 2020
I joined an established private practice immediately after graduating from optometry school, and it just wasn’t for me. I was primarily doing refractive management for my patients, and I wanted to do more. I wanted to practice full-scope optometry, to truly help people and make a difference. I was able to find that fulfillment when I opened a practice in a rural community that really needed me, where I could make a significant impact on people’s lives. Today, as dean of a rural optometry school, I get to extend that opportunity to the next generation of optometrists.
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Cowboys & Cataracts

By Amber Belaustegui, OD | February 12, 2020
I never planned to own a practice—especially not in rural Nevada. With a background in ophthalmology ocular disease, I always pictured myself in an MD/OD setting. But those opportunities weren’t coming my way, and I got tired of waiting. I decided to ...
Reich blog

Optometry Gives Me Life: A Campaign for Our Future

By Lewis Reich, OD, PhD | February 11, 2020
I didn’t always know that I wanted to become a Doctor of Optometry—just that I loved science, wanted to help people, and didn’t want to pursue traditional medicine. In college, I started researching careers that would marry my love of science with my ...
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OT to OD: My Journey from Hockey to Optometry

By Daniel Rowan, OD | January 15, 2020
Born and raised in Wayne Gretzky territory, aka Western Canada, it was no surprise that I played ice hockey as a youth. In fact, it’s what got me to the U.S., as I came here to play for Norwich University in Vermont on a hockey scholarship. After ...
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Lights, Camera, Action for Charity Care!

By Stephanie Kirschbaum, OD | December 12, 2019
VSP Eyes of Hope® recently asked me to consult on-set for a video about their mission to help increase access to eye care and eyewear for people in need. Because Doctors of Optometry are central to the delivery of care, I was there to help ensure the ...

Connection: A Young OD's Perspective

By Ece Turhal, OD | December 04, 2019
Working at a private practice in high school, I loved the freedom the doctors had to spend time with their patients and form meaningful connections with them. Today, as a new OD, I seek out those connections to enhance my patients’ experience and to ...

Seeing the Full Picture of Diabetes

By Jeffry Gerson, OD, FAAO | November 14, 2019
In the U.S., one in two adults has diabetes or prediabetes—and the numbers keep rising. As Doctors of Optometry (ODs), we can help slow the impact the disease can have on vision and overall health through early detection, intervention, and ...
Dean Jennifer Coyle

Dairy Queen to Dean: My Journey in Optometry

By Dean Jennifer Coyle, OD, MS, FAAO | November 05, 2019
When I was 15, my family lived in Alaska, where I got my first job at the local Dairy Queen. Soon after becoming employed, I went to the sole optometrist in town and told him I had been wearing glasses since fourth grade and wanted contacts. I told ...
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Meeting a Need in Private Practice

By Gwen Gnadt, OD, FAAO | November 04, 2019
Like many of you, I graduated from optometry school with a plethora of knowledge about vision care and eye health. I was ready to conquer the world, providing superior eye care one patient at a time. However, when I went into private practice ...
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Success Through Service

By Doug Major, OD | October 07, 2019
I started my practice in Los Osos, CA, which for a small town of 10,000 was a mecca for optometrists—there were nine of us in town when my practice opened. Finding success in a saturated environment was daunting, but we determined we could all be ...
Dr. Levin

A Father's Legacy

By Richard Levin, OD | September 05, 2019
I went into private practice optometry because of my father. Growing up, I would sit at the kitchen table for hours, listening to him talk about his patients—not just about how he treated their eyes, but how he impacted their lives, and ...

Success: A New Graduate's Perspective

By Bianca Augustino, OD | July 10, 2019
If you had asked me during optometry school how I defined success, I would have answered, “It’s a practice with my name on the door.” Today, just one year post-graduation and three months after joining an established practice, I would answer that ...

Defining Success

By Rosiland Hursh, OD | May 20, 2019
Reflecting back on my career, my favorite patient was a seven-year-old girl who came in right after I bought my practice. She sat in the chair asking question after question—about the phoropter, the optics, what it’s like being an optometrist, you ...

Questions About Eyeconic Marketing?

By Mary Anne C. Murphy, OD | May 17, 2019
VSP Global’s recent announcement that it plans to open three brick-and-mortar Eyeconic® locations has sparked questions, and even some misinformation out in the marketplace, specifically around how Eyeconic is marketing to VSP members, our patients. ...

Jumping into Private Practice as a Young OD

By Samantha Vavricek, OD | April 05, 2019
As a young OD, jumping into private practice right out of school was a daunting proposition. However, I knew early on that owning my own practice would give me the work-life balance I needed, as well as the flexibility to control my patients’ quality ...

Meeting Patients Where They Want to Be Met

By William Lakin, OD | March 18, 2019
When I was in optometry school, the independent practice doctors I met seemed to enjoy their profession the most—it’s one of the many reasons I chose to go into independent practice myself, 38 years ago. While I’ve found this path rewarding on many ...

The Chance to Be a Hero

By Ric Rios, OD | February 15, 2019
I knew when I was in eighth grade that I wanted to be an optometrist. I got glasses when I was six and contacts at 12, and because I spent so much time at the eye doctor, I decided right then that that’s what I wanted to be. I even wrote to optometry schools when I was 14. Fast‐forward a few years, and now I’m leading a booming practice with 25 employees and thousands of patients. Today, I couldn’t be more excited about private practice optometry—the freedom and opportunity it gives me to improve people’s lives and to be someone’s hero.

Curbing Out of Network: Good for Members and VSP Network Doctors

By Ryan Wineinger, OD | January 29, 2019
I coach a Little League baseball team and am an avid baseball fan. In the game of baseball, most teams, at any age, invest time, effort, and money in developing their players. This is done so that the team can be successful and so the players will ...
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How Does Your Practice Differentiate?

By Cheryl Everitt, OD | January 16, 2019
I went into private practice 20 years ago because I wanted to be the master of my own destiny. I felt that I could make a greater impact on patients’ lives if I wasn’t being told how to practice, and, could instead do what I felt would provide the ...